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Thread: Mike Palmer

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    Default Mike Palmer

    Mike Palmer is the drummer for Garth Brooks....or WAS, the last I heard. I've been looking ALL OVER THE INTERNET for pics of Mike's kit. It's a pearl, and as of late, had two bass drums. At least I could have sworn it was, but he's not on the pearl artist list. The coolest thing about it is, each bass drum has a lowercase g, where the hole in the g is the hole in the bass head. If anyone has a good pic of this, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could post it. Thanks a lot.
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    Just because they play Pearl stuff doesn't mean they are an artist for Pearl. Do a google search, you could probably find something.

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    Default garth kick head pic post

    hi.i know your post is quite old,but i have one of the actual bass drum heads mike used with the hole in the "G".email me and i'll send a pic to you.i have a few others to send as well if interest.
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