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    Default Sonor Sonic Plus

    Anyone have any experience with these drums? I know that they're discontinued entry-level drums, but I was recently at a show, and the drummer was using these. I'd never heard of them at that point, and they sounded fantastic. I was really surprised to learn that they are beginner drums.

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    Sonor made the Sonic Plus and the Sonic Plus II from about 1995 - 2001. The first couple years, the drums were made in Germany. Around 1997/1998, Sonor exported the production of all entry and mid-level kits to China/Taiwan.

    The early German made shells were 6-ply tom-toms and 9-ply bass drums/snare drums. Shell material was all birch and the grain on the drum was vertical (ran up and down between batter and reso side).

    The Chinese/Taiwan shells were 6-ply tom-toms and 9-ply bass drums/snare drums, but the shell material was maple/mahogany. Also, the grain on the drum was horizontal (it ran around the drum rather than up and down).

    The bass drum hoops were plastic and not made for heavy use. The tension rods ran through the bass drum hoop which made after-market replacements mostly useless.

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    I have the German Sonor Sonic Plus! I love them. I don't know what the issue with the plastic Bass Drum Hoop is--it seems heavy-duty enough to me.

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