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Thread: Reuther Drums?

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    Default Reuther Drums?

    dose anybody know anyting about Reuther drums?
    my friends has a set and dosnt know anything aboiut them. any and all help would be greatly appreciated..

    it is a4 pc. jazz setup..looks pretty old
    it has a very very nice finish to it..kind of like a gray cracked marble.. very cool looking have a good day

  2. Gene Okamoto


    In the office of the President of Pearl in Japan, there's a collection of old badges framed on the wall. These badges are some of the 30+ brands that Pearl used to make O.E.M. for other distributors. One of the badges is Reuther! Unfortunately, I don't have any information on these kits. Hopefully someone reading this will have a catalog to scan.

    Drumguru has an excellent site describing the history of Japanese drums that can be seen here:

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    My first kit was a Reuther 5 piece. Bought it in '79 or '80? $199.99 They sounded great! Took a beating in the backseat of my Olds Cutlass going from gig to gig. They held up quite well 'till I bought my Pearls in '83.

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    Reuthers were my very first kit back in 1981. A 2 piece! rack tom and a bass drum. I had a premier snare. Nice orange finish.


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