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  1. 319 MA members. Sept. is so much fun when your baseball team is winning. If they don't win the trophy life will get horrible until the Lobo Basketball season starts! LOL! The Raiders are rebuilding and are going to get smacked around a lot. Glad I didn't get the Sunday Ticket this year!
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    Man, that would be fun Lonny, wouldn't it? Kicking back and eating Dodger Dogs while taking in a few games between our two teams out in L.A..

    Glad to hear that the guys want to try to jam every Saturday. I know how much you look forward to it.

    When I used to go out to play drums at some local bars' open mic nights, it usually was the blues that they wanted to play. I like the blues every now and then in doses, but I'm not as versed enough in it to get very creative musically. So, it can get kind of boring pinging away the same beat on a ride cymbal song after song. When the guys running the open mic night wanted to play some classic rock, they would break into some deep Allman Brothers or Grateful Dead 20+ minute jams. I know the "greatest hits" from these bands, because they would play them on the local classic rock radio stations, but the super deep cuts, not so much. There was no way these guys would play anything remotely metal/hard rock-wise. LOL!
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    The Bears starters looked pretty good last night during the first half. I agree that Pryor looked sharp during the second half, and should get a shot at the starting QB position for the Raiders.
    All in all, I was pleased with what appeared to be some progress and cohesion from the Bears starters.

    The Cubs lost to the the Padres 6-8. We play 'em again later tonight. Wow! 10.5 games ahead for your Dodgers has got to put a big ol' smile on your face.
    Your guys are going to "murderlize" us when we come out to play in L.A.!

    From the little news clip that I saw last week, it appeared that both Gene and Paul were running the press conference together. So, I assume that both are co-owners under the KISS name, but you know that Gene has never ever met a dollar that he didn't like. LOL!!!

    Have a great B-Day party and jam night tonight Lonny!
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    I'm sorry to hear that the partial you had caused so much damage Lonny.
    It's difficult, because we try to take the advice that our dentists/oral surgeons/doctors give us, and hope/trust that the course of action they recommend does more good than bad.

    The Bears and the Raiders play later tonight! (9:00 PM Central Time)
    I heard on the radio today that the Bears starters are definitely going to play for the entire first half.

    I didn't get to see the Brave who got hit with a pitch in his jaw, but that had to be absolutely no fun at all.
    The Cubs will be like lambs at the slaughter when they face the mighty Dodgers in L.A. next week. LOL!
    Cubs play the Padres, while the Dodgers play the Red Sox tonight.

    I hope that your B-Day party on Saturday is a blast, and that you can enjoy it the best that you can considering your current dental circumstance!
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    318 MA members! I hope that you are starting to feel better from your latest trip to the dentist.

    The Cubs are currently losing to the Nationals 6-1 in the bottom of the 4th as I type this. We lost to them yesterday as well.
    At least the Dodgers are winning their game against Miami 4-1 in the bottom of the 8th.

    Bears and Raiders Friday night! Did you see that the new rookie that we got to replace Urlacher's middle linebacker position, was tagged with a $21,000 fine from the NFL today? It stems from a hit he made in the last preseason game against a Chargers WR. The NFL is calling it an illegal hit, but most of our sports radio guys think that it was a "clean, but mean" hit.
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    Can't argue with that. No use having the guys over if you don't feel good from the dental work you had done.

    I read that the Raiders lost to New Orleans on Friday night, but I'm not exactly sure how your starters did in the game.
    With your Dodgers in currently in 1st place in the NL West, I can see how it's not too hard to forget about preseason football.

    Now, with the Cubs in last place in the NL Central, it's a quite different story for me. LOL!
    Good night Lonny, time for bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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    Hey Lonny, did you and the guys get to jam tonight?

    Well, the Cubs lost today to the Cards, but I see that the Dodgers beat the Phillies again.
    The Bears beat the Chargers last Thursday night. Guess who we get to play next for the 3rd preseason game?
    That's right, it's the Raiders. I'm not sure just how much playing time our starters are going to get, if any at all. We'll hear more about it this week.
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    317 MA members!

    The poor Cubs had to settle for 2 out 3, but like the saying (and song) goes "2 out of 3 ain't bad." LOL!
    The Cubs play the Reds tonight, while your Dodgers play the Mets.
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    Wow! That was a great 9th inning comeback for the Dodgers in Friday night's game!
    I'm glad too that our baseball teams won last night.
    It would make for a nice little 3 game weekend sweep for both our teams if they win again today!
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    The Bears lost to Carolina 24-17. QB Jay Cutler's first pass was an interception. D'oh!
    I only watched the 1st half, but they're gonna need a lot of work before the season starts.

    I saw on Yahoo Sports that the Raiders won, and that the Dodgers are currently behind 6-2 in the bottom of the 8th.
    I'm surprised, but thrilled that the Cubs beat the Cards tonight in St. Louie!
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