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    Incredible is a never ending journey, not a destination. Just because you feel you have arrived, does not mean you can't take awesomeness a step further. Don't limit yourself.
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    Hey man,
    I used to have a lot of respect for and your experience. However, last night you turned and became incredibly arrogant. Not impressive.
    You rudely claimed to be better than Dave Elitch (ridiculous until proven otherwise) and Benn (who is incredible). I've seen videos of you playing and you're excellent, but I'd like to see more, to see if there is any more to these statements than their pure literate 'value'/meaning. I could say the same thing quite easily. It could be true, or could be false, you never know.
    So yeah, I look forward to some videos of your phenomenal playing, and also hopefully the return of a more pleasant space jeff, the one I respected a bit more.

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    well you have turned about 3 of my threads into an argue fest with your negative comments.. didn't your mom teach you if you had nothing nice to say to keep your mouth shut? all you do is go around and post negative **** to people.. no wonder this forum is dying out...... internet tuff guys.

    this **** is meant to help each other and collaborate ideas and ****... for new guys to learn... people like you just make people turn away and scared to post or ask questions.

    that sucks that ur broke. and that you have health issues. i figured with a nice ekit and video that you owned that stuff.

    just cheer up and be nice to people and they will be nice back.. karma is a great thing......... calling me a pu**y and bi**h isn't going to make me respond very nice to you now is it
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    ****, only just saw this.

    I don't think I'll ever end up not having an acoustic set, but I would love to get an electric kit sometime for exactly the reasons you just said.

    I'd love to hear a recording when you get that! But the stock sounds are good. They don't sound too compressed and boomy like most electric kits I've heard before.

    If you PM me your email, I have some decent samples I can send over to you that I 'acquired' that you good use if you record a midi file and replace the sounds. But they work better for plain old programing. Not sure how well they'd work for recording an electric kit. But if you're interested, I'd be more than happy to send them over.
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    Thanks for directing me to the thread. I already left a comment. Very nicely done, Sir!
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    oh youre too much lol.
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    Seems as though both JJ1 and Peddlin' are menstruating a little bit earlier than normal this month. LOL.
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    Haha I know right? I F***ING LOVE 'Slap Shot'. LOL. One of my favorite older movies. But yeah I agree man. It was first brought to the attention of the league by someone whom was in the organization but no longer is, it other words someone whom was bitter towards the team. The mole is unknown at the moment but there are speculations to who it is. The audio tape from one of the meetings which came out a few days ago didn't exactly benefit us in the terms of looking 'not-guilty'. LOL. The funding was pretty much for fun, the payments would average a couple hundred dollars to maybe one or two thousand. To players making millions of dollars per year, it's like betting a dollar or so on a friendly card game. Personally I find the whole 'it's a serious matter' deal to be ridiculous, I know almost every team does it. LOL.

    And most definitely on the 'Darth Raider'. LOL.
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    I wish I had season-tickets to the games. It's a very popular practice to go to the games dressed up as different Saints-themed characters. For example there is a guy dressed up as the Master-Chief from the 'Halo series' and I've even seen someone in a Megatron costume from Transformers. If I'd own tickets I'd gladly go as a Black and Gold-themed Boba Fett. LOL. I seen the really good costumes are upward to $600 USD. I still might do it if I can get tickets. LOL.

    I'd figure you more than anyone would enjoy a nice Star Wars-themed costume. LOL.
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